Pardon, but do you happen to have an apple.

This guy was ready to talk! He had a personality and seemed to be wanting to tell me something.

Reaching for the Heavens

Here Spider Spider

Cardinal Meadowhawk Dragonfly has front leg on web trying to lure spider out of hiding.

Abstract Carnival Rides

Thought shutter was shut, captured 3 or 4 rides. Pentax K-5, 100/2.8 @f/14, 30sec exp

Montana Star Swirl

Pentax K-5, 15/4 @ f/4, ISO 100, exposure 27min. Notice single star not swirling between trees on left about 2/3 of the way down. Satellite maybe? Tree’s lit by campfire.

Tacoma Train


Small waterfall, Olympic National Forest, Pentax K-5, 43/1.9@f18, ISO 100, 10sec exp

Jefferson Memorial

Dream Bee

Pentax K-5, DA*300/4, 1/1600, f/4