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Sunset Lake Manawa, IA

Two beautiful sunsets

Last Light Seattle

Seattle at Twilight


Beautiful Paris

Lunar Eclipse

Captured at Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Forest, WA

4th and 5th Colors

These were taken after sunset and before sunrise.

Moons and Ships

Caught this moon by surprise, thought it was a stray cloud from the sunset. Looks like its floating on the clouds. Had to shoot it fast, attached lens was a 50mm f1.2

Blackberry Festival

Blackberry Festival, Bremerton, WA Toe Dog trying not to get stepped on. USS Turner Joy parked in Bremerton, along with a full marina for the festival. Face Painter honing her skills. What beautiful… Continue reading

Montana Evening Sky

These shots were captured on a recent camping trip. All shot the same night. I was trying to capture the sky reflection on the Spotted Bear River, it is close what I was… Continue reading


Photo trip to an automobile museum in Tacoma, WA and found these interesting hood ornaments.