Palouse and Palouse Falls

Palouse Washington

Walk-About V

Fly By

Sat by a bridge for a couple hours and was amazed at some of the wildlife. The Warren Avenue Bridge is located above the Port of Washington Narrows in Bremerton, WA. The bridge… Continue reading

Harbor Seal Looking for Dinner

These images were taken at Brownsville, WA at the marina. You can see the harbor seal looking for the salmon near the shore in some rocks. He wasn’t too concerned about the crowd… Continue reading

Mt. Townsend’s View

Hiked 4 miles (6.4Km) to the summit of Mt. Townsend 6200′ (1890m) on the Northeastern edge of Olympic Mountains.

Puget Blanket

This image is of a huge cloud cover between the Olympic and Cascade Mountain ranges covering the Puget Sound area.

Sunrise on the Lake

Lake Crescent, WA

Fall has Fallen

Evening Colors

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