Okefenokee Swamp

Spent the 4th of July on the Swamp. Incredible scenery and much to see.
20130704-IMGP1258Cloudy day, not so hot and great for photography.

20130704-IMGP1013Baby gator headed right for me.

20130704-IMGP1322Time foe a siesta.

20130704-IMGP0683Hawk on the watch, plenty to eat.

20130704-IMGP0706Homesteaders set up shop in the middle of the swamp.

20130704-IMGP0774Vine searching to attach

20130704-IMGP0846Heron looking for lunch

20130704-IMGP0999Plenty of ponds and water in the swamp…watch your step.

20130704-IMGP1174Lily after a rain.

20130704-IMGP1255Charlotte’s Web…can you make out any words from this Banana Spiders web?