Georgia Critters

Captured these lizard and bug images the last couple days. Its really a nice change of pace from the Pacific Northwest. Its a beautiful part of the country.
20130624-IMGP7516This 5 footer was swimming in a pond at a local golf course.

20130625-IMGP7543Beautiful spider, some of the spider’s colors were almost florescent. I might try and find another for a better shot.

20130625-IMGP7550This is a big ole beetle I found trudging on the forest floor. He tried to hide but I moved a few leaves for a shot.


20130625-IMGP7559These two are having fun…I think?!

20130625-IMGP7563I thought maybe this was a shell of a bug but after looking at the image a little more, he must have been playing possum or maybe resting?