GA Critters II

These are all taken in or near a swamp.
20130630-IMGP9483Caught this guy heading for his hole at full speed.

20130627-IMGP8109This is a North American Banana Spider. This one is about 5″ in length with a huge and very strong web. Non-poisonous and very beautiful!

20130629-IMGP9166Turkey Vulture waiting for me to leave so he can finish up his freshly deceased dinner.

20130629-IMGP8876This guy reminds me of a cormorant except he doesnt have a hooked bill. I’ll have to look him up.

20130627-IMGP8225Local gator looking for a snack.

20130627-IMGP8404Thought he was a flamingo at first, turns out he is a Roseate Spoonbill.

20130627-IMGP8525American Black Vuture standing in the swam mud looking for any leftovers.